Used book markets in India

We all need to buy books for one reason or another from second hand book markets. It could be moving to a new class or wanting to read a new novel or anything. Getting used books in India comes with a lot of hassle as you have to find a good book store to get the right used book.
There are few parameters to keep in mind while buying second hand books
1. The quality of the books that you are getting.
2. The price that you have to look out for.
3. A good used book takes a lot of searches on the bookstores.
These are the basic things that you need to follow before you make out for the right market and the best way to get used books from stores in India.

Where are second hand book markets in India?

Daryaganj Book Market and Nai Sadak – Delhi

This amazing book market will help you to get a lot of used books from the store. These are the two prominent stores out there which are there for the students. There are a lot of genres that you can look out for and in the bestway. Little known about the existence, this amazing market place comes with the right type of books that you can choose out from and the variety of ranges that you will get from here.

Moore Market in Parktown, Chennai

Located very near to the Chennai central railway station. Moore market old book shops give you a wide range of options at extremely cheap rates. Must visit if you are staying in Chennai.

Khajuribazar in Indore

This place is perfect for you to locate if you are a resident of Indore. There are a lot of books that come down from here and which you will completely love. From online doorstep delivery to getting the books right on time, varying from a range that will help you to select out for the best, this place is a crowd favourite

College Street – Kolkata

If you stay in Kolkata then you completely know about college Street. This place is the best place for you to get any type of book that you want. Starting from your old honours books to the PhD selection, there are a ton that you can just get from here. College Street have made its name because the University of Calcutta is located right around here and this is where you can get a lot of stationery items as well. So while you are searching for a communicable shop to get your books, this place will do you justice.

Avenue Road – Bengaluru

Just like College Street, Avenue Road is just for all the students who are there in Bangalore. This place is filled with a ton of books and from a range that you will completely love. It comes with a variety of books that will come handy to the students in need. In fact, this book store comes with a lot of prices and a range of options as well. If you are looking for a cheaper options to get second hand used books then this is the one.

Why is it difficult to buy books from these physical used book markets?

Standing in a long queue because you are not sure when your turn will come and when shall the shopkeeper hand over the book to you.
Little to no convenience at all. You have to be physically present to get the books right from here.
Understanding the use of choosing the right book over a short period of time which is really difficult.

Why should you buy used books online from khajuribazar?

First of all, you don’t have to visit the store which means that you can sit at your home and the book will be delivered to you right at your doorstep. And secondly, there is no way that you have to worry about the payment because there are options through which you can manage your payment for the book.