Frequently Asked Questions

How to find used books without ISBN?

If you are not sure then ISBN means International Standard of Book Numbers and it depends on the code which are assigned to these books. If you are choosing to go for a site where you can help you buy second hand books online which can come off without the code and can be served with a perfect value added service then you are ought to get the second hand book service right from Khajuri Bazar.

How can you determine the quality of used books?

Everyone thinks that used books are rustic and getting one can be relatively a waste of time and cash. But this is wrong. This notion is what keeps people away from buying used books for themselves. The fact is completely different. Used books are completely good especially when they are bought from the right kind of service. We understand that not everyone can afford books which are completely fresh and comes off at a relatively higher price. This is why we have the online used book service right here for you and at your doorstep with our eminent delivery portal.

How to get used books with free shipping?

Wondering how you can get used books with free shipping. We make sure that every book that you get from the store and our end are completely free of the shipping costs. Shipping costs when they added up can cost you a lot and this can increase the initial price of the book. This in turn can cause you a ton of tentative loss in the end. This is why you need to make your run for a service that can completely help you to get books which comes at a low shipping charge and it will be perfect for you!

Where can you donate used books?

Wanting to donate all the used and second hand books that you have with yourself? Well it can be hard for you to find the perfect place and source or site where you can donate all the books that you have in store. This is why you need to make the leap and find a service that can genuinely work in for you. If you are wishing to donate all your books then the service that you can choose is none and only Khajuri Bazaar.

Are used books as good as new?

No, we cannot live by this comparison that used books are as good as new because there are a lot of ways through which it can work out. For example, if you are getting used books from the store then there is always the line of confusion and initial scare which can surround you. For instance, if you are getting a second hand book then you always fear that which page will be torn and how the quality will turn out to be. Is your cash spent at the right source or not? But the same does not happen with new books. You already know the drill here. When you are getting new books from the market then you probably know that they are as new as the seal and then you can get at home and start reading. But this does not imply for the fact that used books are like new and they are bad. If you choose your online second hand book service from only the great then you will get the best.

What are used/second hand/old books ?

It generally implies that this book has been used by someone before you have received.

Do I need to pay upfront ?

For now, we are operating on Cash on Delivery to build a better relation with our customers and providing them a freedom to ensure book quality at the time of delivery. Soon you will be able to pay upfront.

What if I don't find my book ?

While we have a decent collection of second books check here. Also, We are constantly adding up to our product list, please register a request here if you are want to request used books.

How do I check the status of my order ?

Just Login to your account and your order information will be available.

How do I cancel my order ?

Login to your account , check order details and request a cancellation of your order.

Where do receive the bill for my order ?

When you place an order, a transactional email is triggered to your email account containing the order details. Also, you can view and download similar information by logging in to your account.

How do I reach you ?

To reach us, please drop us an email on We will respond you as soon as we can. You can also call us at 6260725038 to buy second hand books.


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